“Team management in project work”

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Within the framework of a cooperation agreement with a freight forwarding company LLP«Shyngar Trans Logistics Company», on February 12-13, 2021 Department of Marketing and Logistics» and  LLP «STLC» conducted a training seminar on “Team management in project work” at the Turan University for employees of freight forwarding companies: LLP«ELIM CONSULTING», LLP”Elim-ai Logistics”, LLP”MSL”, LLP”АСВХ”, LLP “Optimodal ALS”, LLP” Eastcomtrans “, LLP”Irbis”, LLP”Olzha” и staff the Turan University.

The purpose of this training seminar was to develop knowledge and skills in the field of project team management, effective negotiation, as well as to improve the skills of specialists of transport and logistics companies and university staff. .

Business training was conducted by Darkhan Kuralkhanov, a graduate of the European Institute of Business Management INSEAD, МВА, Singapore / France. D. Kuralkhanov has extensive experience in the USA, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

The training consisted of 16 modules: team management, communication, quality, risk. The training participants gained experience in understanding the psychological aspects of negotiation, improving the skills of effective team management in project work. At the end of the business training, the participants were awarded certificates.

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