Republican youth project “Skill up”.

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Association of Alumni of the Turan University “Turan-Zerde” organized republican youth project “Skill up” from November 26, 2020.

The goal of the project, which is to apply technical and professional skills in a corporate environment, was reached With the support of representatives of partner companies «Magnum cash&carry», «Technodom operator» and «Efes Kazakhstan». More than half a thousand students participated in the project, all of them gained practical and professional experience.

The second “Skill up” distinguished itself not only by the performance of the partners of the Turan University, who took part in this project for the first time, but also by the different format of the event. Complying with all quarantine measures, the speakers performed live in front of a small audience with a live broadcast for all online participants. All participants highly appreciated the contribution of business to the learning environment and noted that such master classes help them get to know their future profession more closely, and also develop corporate thinking.

This project was organized in accordance with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations – “quality education” and “decent work and economic growth”, the participants gained new knowledge for the future professional development of youth in Kazakhstan. The skills acquired by students contribute to their future competitiveness in the labor market.

Together with the companies “Turan-Zerde”, creating a favorable platform for the educational environment and business, strives to promote the growth of professionalism and enable young people in the future to be highly professional and valuable specialists.

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