“Own game”: results of the tournament

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On April 15, 2021, the online tournament “Own Game” was held. The organizer was the intellectual club Genius. The event is dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the Kazakh educator Ybyrai Altynsarin and the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The site SIGame was chosen as the platform for the event. 15 topics were proposed, divided into 3 rounds. The game was played in a quiz format.

The game was attended by undergraduate and graduate students. More than 50 people have registered. The participants went to three virtual rooms in Google Meet.

The semifinalists of the tournament were Sman Aydin, Zhomartova Ardak and Talipov Matzhan. In the final, the winner was Zhomartova Ardak, who took first place and received a cash prize (20,000 tenge). In addition, at the closing ceremony, all participants were awarded certificates.

“I believe that the holding of such a large-scale event, as well as the support from the university, have a positive impact on the development of intellectual sports in the city. The three finalists proved that they are the real leaders. And I consider the victory of the master’s student Zhomartova Ardak worthy. She took the risk of putting her points all in. And I won thanks to my knowledge, ” said Nurbergenov Kayyrzhan, a 4th-year student, founder of Genius IC.

“The tournament was exciting. There was so much drive and positive emotions. With each correct answer, the excitement flared up — I wanted to know even more about everything. And, the main thing that I realized in this tournament-unnecessary knowledge simply does not happen. The questions were well-worded and covered almost every spectrum of life. All the participants I was lucky enough to play with were erudite, with good logical thinking. This fact made me very happy. After all, we are all the future of Kazakhstan, ” said Zhomartova Ardak, a master’s student, winner of the tournament.

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