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On February 22, 2020, the Career and Leadership Center at Turan University organized an open lesson from Gani Uzbekov, a graduate of Harvard, LSE, KIMEP, ex-CEO of Capital Bank Kazakhstan, founder of the SilkSoftGroup startup.

The uniqueness of the lesson was that G. Uzbekov talked about his studies in London and Harvard and the experience of passing the Young Professionals Program in the USA almost 20 years ago, as if it were yesterday, as well as explaining the principles on the fingers with simple and capacious examples banking and payment systems.

Children who arrived early managed to get personalized advice on further studies and choosing a master’s program. Almost any question G. Uzbekov gave a clear and simple answer, and it was clear how clearly and clearly he thinks.

On questions to which he did not know the answer, G. Uzbekov honestly admitted that he was not trying to be an “expert in all matters.” On his Facebook page, G. Uzbekov daily shares information on scholarships and grants around the world. ⠀

The full video of the lesson of G. Uzbekov will be available during the week on the website of the Career and Leadership Center in the “Educational Content” section.

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