The special course was developed thanks to a grant provided by «One Asia Foundation (Japan). Support for such courses is one of the activities of the fund. Similar in name, but, of course, different in content courses are taught with the support of the fund in hundreds of universities in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, the USA, Spain, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Turan university is the fifth Kazakhstan university to receive a grant from the fund to develop such a course of lectures.


The aim of the course “Asian Community: Leadership and Innovation” is to analyze the process of integration in Asia, the role of leadership and study the conditions for the successful implementation of innovations within the Asian community. The course will provide students with interdisciplinary ideas and knowledge of the history, economics and culture of Asian countries. The course promotes the use of innovation in the development of leadership qualities of students.

The course offers an introduction to the theory and practice of integrating One Asia. It is also aimed at acquainting students with the key ideas, historical significance, goals and objectives of “One Asia”, disseminating and facilitating the very idea of ​​creating an Asian community, the dissemination of common values ​​and goals, through academic training, public discussions and exchange of thoughts.

This course aims to help students focus on the positive aspects of a peaceful, prosperous and safe Asian community.

The program of the special course is designed for 15 lectures. The course of lectures will be multidisciplinary in content and international in composition of lecturers.

The special course will be read between January 29 – May 6, 2020.

The lecture lasts 100 minutes.

Lectures will be delivered in Russian or with translation into Russian.

Upon completion of the special course, all students will receive a One Asia Foundation certificate, and the best students will be encouraged by the Foundation’s scholarship.


The special course is designed for 1st year students of the specialties “Tourism”, “RDGB”.

Those who are interested in the special course “Asian Community: Leadership and Innovation” can contact the project coordinator, professor of the Department of “Tourism and Service” Saulesh Kalenova (room 607, e-mail: s.kalenova@turan-edu.kzone_asia@turan-edu.kz ).


Every Wednesday at 13.00-14.40. in 406 lecture room

Lecture schedule 

Date Name of lecturer Topic of lecture
1. 29.01.2020 г. Prof. Chun Byong-soon,

Al-Farabi KazNU

Trade War between USA and China, and Global Security in Asian Community
2. 05.02.2020 г. Prof. Myong Soon-Ok,

Al-Farabi KazNU

Oneness in the context of Asian Community
3. 12.02.2020 г. Prof. Saulesh Kalenova, Turan university The commonality and characteristics of business etiquette of Asian States.
4. 19.02.2020 г. Prof. Saltanat Tamenova, Turan university Asia Economy: Current Status and Future Prospects
5. 26.02.2020 г. Docent Gulzhan Yerubayeva,

Turan university

Asian community: security and sustainable development
6. 04.03.2020 г. Prof. Zomart Simtikov, Abay KazNPU Central Asian Integration in the Context of the Asian Community
7. 11.03.2020 г. Prof. Gulnara Nurmukhanova,

Turan university

Establishing efficient communications within the framework of Asian community: peculiarities and prospects
8. 18.03.2020 г. Prof. Ali Abishev, Association of universities of Kazakhstan Greater Eurasia: History, Culture, Economics
9. 25.03.2020 г. Prof. Kim Youn-kyoo, Hanyang University, Korea Impact of Energy Strategy of USA on Global and Asian security.
10. 01.04.2020 г. Irina Yugay,

Turan university

Asian Community: Historical Aspect
11. 08.04.2020 г. Prof. Kim Youen,

Hanyang University, Korea

Reginal Integration of Asian countries
12. 15.04.2020 г. Prof. Georgiy Kan,

Narxoz University

History and development of Asian countries towards Asian Community
13. 22.04.2020 г. Docent Anna Buzelo,

Turan university

Asian Community: the consolidation forces of language in intercultural communication
14. 29.04.2020 г. Prof. Asuncion Lopez-Varela,

Complutense University, Madrid

Intercultural Communication in the Context of Asian Community
15. 06.05.2020 г. Prof. Chung Joon Kon,

One Asia Foundation

Why Asian Community Now?


Project Director, Candidate of Historical Sciences Irina Yugay (e-mail: one_asia@turan-edu.kz).

Project Coordinator, Professor of the Department of Tourism and Service, Doctor of Economics Saulesh Kalenova (room 607, e-mail: s.kalenova@turan-edu.kz).



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