Meeting of the faculty of the Department “Accounting and Audit” with the graduates of the College of the University “Turan»

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Do you dream of a professional career? Continue your studies at Turan University. On April 7, 2021, the faculty of the Department of Accounting and Audit met with graduates of the College of the University “Turan”. The topic of the meeting is “Continuing education in the bachelor’s degree program” Accounting and Audit “- a condition for career growth”.

The meeting was held in the form of a discussion. The graduates were addressed by the teachers of the department, who introduced them to the peculiarities of teaching students using distance technologies, the possibilities of modern methodological support for the disciplines of the educational program “Accounting and Audit” through a computer program on the “Canvas” platform. The information about the participation of students of the Turan University in the research work of students aroused great interest among the graduates.

In conclusion, the representatives of the admission committee of the university answered the questions of the college graduates about the rules of admission to the University “Turan”.

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