Gratitude to Zhumagalievna Maira Rakhimbekova for her contribution to the dynamic development of Almaty and successful cooperation within the framework of the project «Online Academy of Domestic Tourism».

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Associate Professor of “Tourism and services” University “Turan” Zhumagalieva Maira Rakhimbekova took an active part in the development of the introductory course “the Profession of a guide” within the project of JSC “NC “Kazakh Tourism” “Online Academy of internal tourism”. This course includes 5 modules:

  1. “Guide profession: qualities, pros and cons of the profession”,
  2. “Guide-translator: tips for self-study and information search”,
  3. “National and cultural characteristics of tourists from different countries”,
  4. “Recommendations for receiving tourists in Almaty. From the research report”,
  5. “Starting a professional path or how to avoid typical beginner mistakes”.

The courses of the “Online Academy of Domestic Tourism” are designed for all subjects of the tourist business: starting from tour operators, travel agents, guides, translators, hoteliers, as well as graduates and students of universities who plan to work in this field. For successful cooperation in the framework of the project “Online Academy of Domestic Tourism” Maira Zhumagalievna received a letter of thanks from JSC ” NC “Kazakh Tourism”.

Rakhimbekova M. Zh. devoted many years to the tourism industry and training of professional personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For her contribution to the dynamic development of the city of Almaty, Maira Zhumagalievna was awarded a Letter of Thanks from the deputy mayor of Almaty Maksat Kikimov.

We are sincerely happy for our colleague and congratulate her on these events!

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