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Grants and discounts

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Government grants

To participate in the competition, the application must be submitted with four specialties selected. Near each specialty the code of the institution must be indicated. The competition is held in such a way – first the entrant participates in the competition for the first specialty in the list, if not successful, he participates in the competition for the second one, etc. Thus, the list of the entrant should be compiled as follows: the first two specialties of the category are “dream” specialty, those that you want to study on the most. The last two specialties are “stability” ones, i.e. those that you will definitely get a grant on.

To compile a list of specialties you will be assisted in the Admission Committee of the University “Turan” in the period from July 23 to July 31.

The competition of grants occurs for each specialty specified in the application, the code of university is specified for the Ministry of Education and Science to transfer funds to the certain university. State grants between universities are not distributed beforehand, but only transferred to one or another institution of higher education after a competition for specialties among applicants. Therefore, private and public institutions of higher education are in the same competitive conditions, there are no benefits from state universities.

Rector's grant

The internal educational grant of the rector is awarded annually by the results of internal competitive selection. As the results of the competition, the following grants are provided:


4 years for free


2 years for free


1 year for free

Conditions for awarding the Rector’s grant:

  1. The competition is open to people who score 60 or more points on the UNT / CTA.
  2. Competitive selection is held from July 25 to August 24 according to the schedule.
  3. The candidate for the Rector’s Grant has to pass internal testing on the subject determining the direction of the specialty (the fourth subject under UNT / CTA) is allowed only once.
  4. Criteria of the competition for the Rector’s Grant: the results of internal testing; The average score of the certificate; Participation in international and republican subject Olympiads and scientific competitions approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Scores for the UNT / CT certificate; Participation in subject competitions and olympiads of the University “Turan”.

Attention! Registration for participation in the competition is carried out at the admissions office from July 15.

"ALTYN BELGI" owners

Graduates of secondary schools that have the sign “Altyn Belgi” are provided with free education for the entire period.

Discounts on the results of UNT or CT

Discounts of the university on the results of UNT or CT on the certificate, without taking into account the fifth subject

120 points and more – Grant of the University “Turan”

115-119 points – free education (two years)

110-114 points – free training for the first year

100-109 points – 50% discount in first year payment

90-99 points – 30% discount for first year

80-89 points – 20% discount in first year payment

70-79 points – 10% discount in first year payment

Note: when considering a discount, only points based on the results of UNT / CTA in four subjects are taken into account (excluding points for creative exams)

Discounts for college graduates

  • Graduates of colleges with diplomas with honors receive a discount of 50% of the cost of the first year of full-time study;
  • Graduates of “Turan” and “CACTEC” colleges (if there are passing points for KTA) receive a discount of 30% of the cost of the first year of full-time study and 15% of the discount on correspondence courses;
    Discounts on results of KTA:

60 points and more – Grant of the University “Turan”

55-59 points – the first year of free tuition

50-54 points – 30% discount in payment of the first year

45-49 points – 20% discount in first year payment

40-44 points – 10% discount in first year payment

Other benefits

– graduates of the school-lyceum “Turan” (if there are at least 70 points out of 100 on the UNT), a discount of 30% of the cost of the first year is granted.

– students of the first degree of kinship (parents, siblings) are granted a 10% discount if there are supporting documents.

– Orphans (left without parental care) and disabled I, II and III groups receive discounts of 10% if there are supporting documents (no more than 5 seats).

– Prizewinners and participants of competitions, intellectual activities of the University are given discounts for the first year of full-time education according to the established sizes

– according to the Memorandum of Cooperation the graduates of the International Education Center “EdTech” receive a discount of 30% of the cost of the first year of study.

Master's discounts and grants

State Educational Grants

“Turan” university on the basis of institutional and specialized accreditation was among the universities that have the right to train specialists in the state educational order.

To participate in the competition for the state educational order, persons who have obtained at least 150 points according to the results of the entrance examinations in the specialty and a foreign language are allowed.


Benefits for admission to the scientific and pedagogical magistracy have:

Graduates of the University “Turan” (diploma with honors) – 25% discount in payment for the first year of study;
Graduates of the University “Turan” – a 10% discount for the first year;
Graduates of other universities (diploma with honors) – 15% discount for the first year of study.