For international students


Academic year: September, 1 –  June, 30

Cycles of study: bachelor degree, master degree, PhD

Admission requirements: entrance exam, language proficiency

Languages of instruction: Kazakh, Russian, English


To learn more about academic programs:

The list of required documents for admission:

  • Application form
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Scanned copy of diploma of bachelor’s degree or master’s degree
  • Scanned copy of transcript
  • Study visa application form

The list of required documents upon arrival:

  • Student admission application form
  • Passport and migration card granted at the airport
  • Certificate of secondary education or diploma (original copies)
  • A notarized copy of the certificate or diploma with translation into Kazakh or Russian
  • 8 photographs (size of 3*4);
  • Medical certificate (086-U form);
  • Original copy of fluoroscopy

All international students have to register at migration agency of Almaty within 5 day term since the date of entrance. All documents  are submitted to the university coordinator within 3 days after arrival.

International students  admission: tel. 8 (727) 260-40-00, email: r.serkina@turan-edu-kz

International students registration coordinator: tel. 8 (727) 260-40-14, email:

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