Anti-corruption seminar hours

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From February 17 to 22, members of the sanaly urpaq student club at Turan University held seminar hours on the topic “Anti-corruption”. During the seminar, members of the club introduced the following basic data on anti-corruption to students of the GUF, EF, and ACP:

– education of a high level of anti-corruption culture of the population and formation of an anti-corruption Outlook;

– development and implementation of innovative effective technologies in the process of anti-corruption education, as well as prevention of corruption in various spheres of society;

– scientific development of issues of formation of anti-corruption consciousness in Kazakhstan, taking into account current trends and risks by developing recommendations and proposals for improving the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– development of international cooperation with constantly positive bodies and organizations in the field of combating corruption;

– assistance in the renewal and consciousness of citizens in the field of combating corruption, development of activities and initiatives of the population.

At the end of the seminar, the process of exchanging views with students in an open format continued.

As a result, at the end of the week, headed by the Chairman of the student club “Sanaly urpaq” – Shegebayev Maksat Talgatovich, a meeting was held with members of the club on the issues of the seminar hours.

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