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On February 26, 2020, a round table on academic honesty was held at Turan University on the topic Procedures and Methodology for Evaluating Scientific and Student Papers on Plagiarism, or How to Objectively Evaluate Work, organized by the Polish company and the University. The speaker was Ali Tahmazov, Executive Director of The company has been dealing with plagiarism issues for more than 10 years and has been effectively collaborating with Kazakhstani universities.

During the meeting with teachers, students, postgraduates and doctoral students, issues of plagiarism prevention in scientific and student works were considered. The speaker spoke about legislation, measures to combat plagiarism at universities, popular ways of cheating the system and assessment methodology. An accurate description of the terminology of academic dishonesty and author responsibility helps universities to resist plagiarism more effectively. Professor L. Tussupova, Vice-rector of Turan University, noted in her speech one of the most important Bologna imperatives – the balance of academic freedom and responsibility. The goal of the University is to create an atmosphere of intolerance to plagiarism among teachers and students. To date, Turan University has implemented and successfully uses the anti-plagiarism system Strikeplagiarism.Com.

The participants of the round table had the opportunity to share their experience in preventing plagiarism, ask questions to Ali Tahmazov, and make relevant suggestions on improving the anti-plagiarism system. In general, the round table was productive, being an excellent platform for sharing experiences and gaining valuable knowledge in the field of plagiarism prevention. Such events help students and teaching staff  better understand the expectations of the academic environment.

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