A PhD program of Turan University provides top-quality specialist training in scientific, academic, manufacturing and innovative spheres.

The process of writing a doctoral dissertation is combined with high academic activity and academic mobility; it’s also oriented on earning the highest academic degree – a PhD.

The future specialists are taught and trained by the highly qualified teaching staff including foreign guest professors from the world’s leading universities.

In the course of working at the dissertation research doctoral students of Turan University undertake a necessary academic internship abroad in the premier Research and Education Centers of the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Russia and other countries.

All doctoral students have an opportunity to publish the results of their scientific research in the academic journal “the Turan University Reporter”, a periodical publication of the university, included in the list of journals recommended by Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publications of academic results.  Moreover, the university annually holds international scientific conferences. Then collected volumes of the conference proceedings are published and registered in the Central Institute of Bibliography of Kazakhstan with ISBNs. The university has a R&D department armed with information about scientific conferences of different levels in Kazakhstan, as well as abroad.

Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a national diploma.

Program duration – 3 years.

Mode of study – intramural.

Languages of instruction – Kazakh, Russian.

Program requirements – training is carried out by government grants and on a fee paid basis.

Academic degree – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (in the corresponding specialty).

Acceptance of students to a PhD program  of Turan University is carried out according to the Model Rules of Acceptance to Education Organizations Fulfilling Postgraduate Programs established by the Act № 109 of Government of Kazakhstan from January 19, 2012.

Applicants for a PhD program, attention!

Information about the necessary prerequisites.

Turan University suggests gaining the following prerequisites required for studying on the  corresponding PhD program:

  1. PhD applicants without the obligatory prerequisutes are enrolled in an “entrance semester” (6 weeks) for studying deficient prerequisites from July 10, 2017.
  2. Upon completion of the “entrance semester” students take exams (from August 21, 2017 to August 26, 2017).
  3. Under the condition of passing the PhD entrance exams the students are enrolled in Turan University in order to proceed with studying subjects of the corresponding specialty’s curriculum.

Specialties of PhD degree of Turan University:

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